ERM Announcements, May 3, 2024

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The announcements below contain exciting opportunities for participation and career possibilities. Please check them out!

Just a couple of points from me:

  • As you prepare for the 2024 ASEE Conference, please note that our Annual Community Celebration and Awards Reception (ACCAR) will be integrated with the ERM business meeting, so mark your calendars for that event for a time to network and celebrate our awardees. This decision was made because of our previous discussions about the expense of ERM event tickets and how high prices have been a barrier for some of our members to participate. With our BASS accounts still frozen, all events have to be revenue neutral, and the cost of even a simple event would be a high ticket price (likely without a significant amount of refreshments).
  • Stay tuned for an email from me about elections for the incoming Secretary-Treasurer and Directors!



ERM Announcements for 05/03/2024


General Announcements 


  1. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: JEE Special Issue: Generative Artificial Intelligence in Support of Engineering Education Research and Other STEM Disciplines
  2. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: National Convening on the State of Mental Health in STEM
  3. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: ICPSR Course in Social Network Analysis for Human Subjects Research
  5. COMMUNITY UPDATE: JWM Hiatus Announcement (June-September 2024)
  6. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: NETI-1, Course Design and Student Engagement
  7. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Seeking Support with Dissertation Study: Recruiting Engineering Faculty


Position Announcements 


  1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Instructional Faculty Position – University of Florida
  2. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Teaching Assistant Professor – Design and Manufacturing at the University of Washington Department of Mechanical Engineering
  3. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Postdoctoral Associate in Educational Assessment at Cornell University
  4. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Postdoctoral research for Bucknell RED project
  5. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Assistant Director for the Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship (IFITS) at Boise State University
  6. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Teaching-Focused Assistant Professor Positions


General Announcements


  1. CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: JEE Special Issue: Generative Artificial Intelligence in Support of Engineering Education Research and Other STEM Disciplines


Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will substantially disrupt industries across economies, where education is not the exception (Johri, Katz, Qadir, & Hingle, 2023; Menekse, 2023). AI has the potential to address some of the pressing challenges in education, innovate teaching and learning practices, and accelerate progress towards equitable quality education (Miao & Holmes, 2023; Shiohira, 2021). Examples of how generative AI can be integrated into the context of teaching and learning, along with its opportunities and challenges in education, have started to emerge (e.g., Alasadi & Baiz, 2023; Baidoo-Anu & Ansah, 2023; Cao & Dede, 2023).  In tandem, generative AI has the revolutionary potential to support or supplement (but not supplant) research.  It can provide unique functionalities to process datasets, make predictions, and learn from its actions. However, research is needed “to demonstrate the efficacy and accuracy and to ensure that human agency in understanding the real world through research will not be undermined by the use of AI tools” (Miao & Holmes, 2023, p. 29).


The editors of this special issue in the Journal of Engineering Education are interested in receiving manuscripts that showcase ways in which generative AI can be used to support engineering education research workflows. For instance, generative AI can support researchers (a) in the design and development stages of research by creating consistent experiences, (b) in the deployment stages by monitoring participant engagement, and (c) in the analysis stages by supplementing data analysis processes, among others (Charness, Jabarian, & List, 2023). Important considerations will be an emphasis on the validity and reliability of the AI-generated results, aspects of reproducibility and transparency, such as the use of embedding models or agents, fine-tuning for testing and performance, and the overall impact of the interpretations and implications of the AI-generated results and methodological contributions of the overall process (Hosseini & Horbach, 2023; Watkins, 2023). Investigating the potential uses, benefits, and limitations of the use of generative AI is timely; thus, we must establish conventions and standards for their application in education research (Watkins, 2023). Authors are highly encouraged to explicitly address equity ethics, bias, privacy, and security considerations, as applicable.  For manuscripts in the context of other STEM domains outside of engineering, authors are advised to address implications for engineering education research.


Special Issue Guest Editors: Alejandra J. Magana, Purdue University (Lead Editor,; Ryan Watkins, George Washington University; Camilo Vieira, Universidad del Norte, Colombia


Letters of Intent with Extended Structured Abstract: August 1 (feedback provided as abstracts are received)


More details:


  1. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: National Convening on the State of Mental Health in STEM


Join us for the National Convening on the State of Mental Health in STEM, a groundbreaking virtual event taking place during the week of May 13th – 17th. Co-hosted by esteemed scholars Dr. Kerrie Wilkins-Yel and Dr. Jennifer Bekki, this convening is a pivotal moment in recognizing May as National Mental Health Awareness Month.


Designed to elevate the discourse surrounding mental health within STEM fields, this convening aims to catalyze transformative institutional change. Whether you’re a graduate or undergraduate student, a post-doc, faculty member, or staff member in STEM, your voice matters in shaping the future of mental health support in academia.


Throughout the week, engage in insightful discussions, gain valuable insights from leading experts, and collaborate with peers from across the nation. Together, we can advance the health and wellness of our academic community while fostering a culture of inclusivity and support.


Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a movement towards positive change. Register now to secure your spot at this critical event and join us in championing mental health awareness and support in STEM.


Register here!



Please contact if you have any questions!


  1. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: ICPSR Course in Social Network Analysis for Human Subjects Research


There is a new, intensive workshop titled “Social Network Analysis in Human Subjects Research” as part of the ICPSR Summer program. This 20-hour, four-day workshop is tailored for researchers interested in studying networks within human subjects populations. It will be of interest to folks in the social and health sciences, education, and business/public administration.

The schedule for the course is as follows:

Days 1-2: Dive into the fundamentals of Social Network Analysis (SNA). Learn about network theory, metrics, and data collection through hands-on analysis of real-world data.

Days 3-4: Focus on the application, including designing studies, ethical considerations, data analysis, and interpreting results. We will also explore case studies from educational research to illuminate key concepts.


For more information, visit the course site here.

Please contact the course co-instructors Drs. Trevion Henderson ( and Bruce Desmarais ( with any questions.




NSF is seeking proposals in response to the new IUSE/Professional Formation of Engineers: Revolutionizing Engineering Departments (IUSE/PFE: RED) solicitation.  The full details on the RED program can be found here:


  1. COMMUNITY UPDATE: JWM Hiatus Announcement (June-September 2024)


The Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering (JWM) is announcing a three-month hiatus on new submissions, beginning May 31st and ending September 1st, 2024.


Why is this occurring? As a paper journal, we are limited in how many articles we can publish per issue due to page constraints. Currently, we have a backlog of accepted articles waiting to be published and we don’t want authors to have to wait 18 months from time of acceptance to publication. To improve timeliness in delivering our content to the JWM audience, we need to allow some time for the publishing schedule to catch up to existing submissions.


Although no new submissions will be accepted for review during the hiatus timeframe, we encourage authors who are nearly ready to submit their manuscripts to JWM to go ahead and do so before May 31st, 2024 ( We will be welcoming new submissions again in September 2024, with our newly reduced word limit (8,000 words). This new word limit will help us overcome our constraints as a paper journal while continuing to serve our JWM authors and STEM education research community.


  1. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: NETI-1, Course Design and Student Engagement


NETI-1, Course Design and Student Engagement, the flagship offering of the National Effective Teaching Institute, will be offered July 30 – August 1, 2024, at Purdue University. Drs. Susan Lord, Matt Ohland, and Michael Prince will lead the long-standing foundational NETI-1 workshop, which has been offered since 1991. Previous NETI programs have reached over 3000 participants from more than 370 different schools. Our past participant evaluations have been overwhelmingly positive. The workshop features material for relatively new faculty members and other material designed to equip experienced faculty members to become teaching leaders and mentors on their campuses. Participants will include up to 60 faculty members from all branches of engineering, engineering technology, and other STEM areas. The registration fee is $1275 per participant, which covers organization and presentation costs, participant notebooks, lunches, and breaks. Participants also receive a copy of Felder & Brent’s Teaching and Learning STEM: A Practical Guide and the option of touring Purdue’s School of Engineering Education. NETI workshops have a powerful impact when teams of instructors from the same institution attend as a group, so for every three registrants from the same institution, the fourth is FREE! Travel expenses, including breakfasts and dinners, are not included. Further details about the workshop program and a link to register can be found at or email for more information.


  1. CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Seeking Support with Dissertation Study: Recruiting Engineering Faculty


I am seeking support with my dissertation research focused on investigating critical consciousness development in engineering faculty. The purpose of the research is to examine the critical consciousness development of engineering faculty throughout their career to explore how their positionality and lived experiences have shaped their critical awareness. If you are interested in participating in my project, you will first start with a recruitment questionnaire which should take no more than 7 minutes. Once selected as a participant, you will participate in two interviews and be provided with supplemental materials on critical consciousness that you can review independently. Participation is voluntary, but I hope you will choose to be part of this project! For additional information or concerns, please contact me (Jameka Wiggins) at


Questionnaire Link:


Eligibility Criteria

– Required

— A tenure track, tenure, and/or non-tenure engineering faculty member. Faculty in the context of my study is defined by the National Center for Education as “professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers, assisting professors, adjunct professors, and interim professors” (NCES, 2022). Non-tenure track faculty would be those that identify as instructors, lecturers, clinical, and/or practitioners. Tenure-track faculty are those who identify as assistant, associate, or full professors.


– Not Required but appreciated

— A desire to improve students’ experiences, especially those who are marginalized.

— Have an interest in reforming policies and teaching practices, and a strong interest in learning about culturally sustainable pedagogy.

— Interested in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) research.



As a participant, you will be compensated $100 broken up into installments. Each payment will be distributed after the completion of the study component excluding the questionnaire. By the end of the study, the goal is for participants to be equipped with valuable insights into critical consciousness and strategies in reflexive praxis that can enrich their pedagogical practices with inclusivity in mind. In addition, you will be provided a Critical Consciousness Resource Guide to utilize for your professional development after the completion of the study.



Position Announcements


  1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Instructional Faculty Position – University of Florida


The Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida invites applications for a full-time, non-tenure track, 12-month faculty position at the rank of Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Master Lecturer (working title of Instructional Assistant/Associate/Full Professor). The position’s anticipated start date is Fall 2024.


  1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Teaching Assistant Professor – Design and Manufacturing at the University of Washington Department of Mechanical Engineering


The Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department in the College of Engineering at the University of Washington, Seattle, invites qualified candidates to apply for a full-time, faculty position at the Teaching Assistant Professor (non-tenure track) level. This position is specifically focused on Design and Manufacturing with an emphasis on Medical Devices and Technology.  This position is on a 9-month service period with an anticipated start date of September 16, 2024 . The base salary range for this position will be $9,000-12,000 per month.


This teaching assistant professor will teach classes in all areas of Mechanical Engineering, with a special emphasis on designing, building and testing mechanical engineering prototypes that serve an important societal need, with a particular impetus on Medical Technology that addresses unmet clinical needs, as well as science and technology that serves the broader global and population health needs. This position is in line with the growth plans for the undergraduate program in ME, and will focus on supporting the Capstone Project for senior undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering, with the opportunity to develop hands-on learning course for sophomores and junior undergraduate students, as well for graduate students.




– PhD or foreign equivalent in Mechanical Engineering or a closely related discipline.

– Expertise in developing and teaching courses in relevant fields including design and manufacturing, mechanics of materials and thermofluid sciences.


For more information about the position and application instructions, please visit:


For questions, please contact Patrick Aubin,


  1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Postdoctoral Associate in Educational Assessment at Cornell University


Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Associate with a focus on educational assessment to help guide a Cornell initiative focused on innovation in the assessment of student learning at the course level. The Postdoctoral Associate will (i) work with the Faculty Director of the Active Learning Initiative to coordinate assessment analysis and research; (ii) help organize and convene the Working Group on Innovation in Assessment, an effort to support research, experimentation with, and adoption of new practices in undergraduate student assessment; (iii) offer assessment research expertise and work with participating faculty to help facilitate experiments in assessment practices that are rooted in the research literature; (iv) compile and evaluate the results of the working group’s efforts to share with the Cornell community; and (v) lead and contribute to research publications coming out of the initiative.

This position is part of a Cornell initiative to learn from, experiment with, and test student-centered assessment practices; to gather and discuss practical experiences with alternative assessment practices; and to seek alternatives to competitive grading cultures and high-stakes testing models. In addition to some practical teaching experience, the desired candidate will have experience with education research methodologies and an appreciation for and interest in pedagogy and the assessment of student learning. Collaboration and communication skills are also essential skills for this position.


The Postdoctoral Associate will be required to be in residence at Cornell during the semesters of their tenure. The starting salary is $65,000 per year, plus benefits, moving expenses, and up to $2,000 per year in research allowance.


All applications are due before the deadline of May 15, 2024. Review of applications will begin promptly and we expect Zoom interviews with shortlisted candidates to begin in early June.


Eligibility: We will consider applicants with a Ph.D in any discipline. Applicants must have received their Ph.D. degree no earlier than September 1, 2019. Applicants who expect to complete all requirements for the Ph.D. degree (including filing the dissertation) before July 1, 2024 are eligible to apply. The completion date for the Ph.D. degree cannot be waived or extended.


For more information and to apply:


  1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Postdoctoral research for Bucknell RED project


We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher for approximately two years to serve as the resident ethnographer on Bucknell University’s Revolutionizing Engineering Departments grant.  We are seeking to adapt the capability approach to undergraduate engineering programs and trying to integrate more convergent learning experiences into the curriculum.  Please see more information and apply at:


  1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Assistant Director for the Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship (IFITS) at Boise State University


The Institute for Inclusive and Transformative Scholarship (IFITS) at Boise State University is looking for an energetic and enthusiastic team member and leader, who is passionate about creating equitable and inclusive learning and research environments. The Assistant Director will provide vision and strategic leadership for the Office of Undergraduate Research and be a thought partner for the Executive Director on all aspects of the IFITS operations and programs.


In 2020, the Institute for Inclusive & Transformative Scholarship (IFITS) was approved by the Idaho State Board of Education. It evolved out of the Institute for STEM & Diversity Initiatives, with the vision of creating and nurturing a vibrant, inclusive community, where all are actively engaged in the scholarly life of the university and the region. IFITS staff are a small but mighty team that serves undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and our community in order to increase access to and accelerate impacts from transformative scholarship. IFITS works extensively with many other university offices to collaboratively achieve our goals. IFITS leads the VIP program, theASSERT program, and consults with faculty from across campus on their scholarly initiatives. The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) lives within IFITS and works to engage all undergraduates in the scholarly life of the university. We do this through programming (e.g. Summer Research Community), cohort programs (e.g. LSAMP and Bridge to the Baccalaureate), and through grants and paid research experiences (e.g. HERC Fellowship, URCA grant). OUR also offers workshops and mentorship training to support faculty and researchers, and hosts several large events for undergraduate researchers to present their work.

Preferred Qualifications, Knowledge, Experience, and Skills:

– Advanced degree in a STEM field

– Professional experience in a STEM discipline

– Knowledge of undergraduate research and mentoring of undergraduate scholars through an inclusivity lens

– Communication skills

– Problem Solving skills and experience

– Organization skills

– Service mindset and related skills in providing assistance to a variety of stakeholders

– Experience leading projects and people effectively


Responsibilities Include:

– Establishing strategic and operational goals and vision for undergraduate research and student initiative programs

– Managing internally and externally funded programs for students involved in research and creative activity projects

– Contributing to grant proposals to support student research engagement

– Leading the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program at Boise State and acting as a liaison with other VIP programs nationally

– Providing faculty development, in particular in STEM fields, related to inclusive mentoring and broadening participation

– Serving on the planning and leadership teams of relevant STEM education grant programs on campus and across the state of Idaho




  1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Teaching-Focused Assistant Professor Positions


The Gallogly College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma invites applicants for two teaching-focused positions in our Engineering Pathways program. This newly launched program has dedicated faculty who are committed to our vision of providing all students with the opportunity and support needed to succeed in an engineering major. Specifically, the successful candidates will join the collaborative and collegial EP team which collectively contribute to teaching and mentoring first- and second-year engineering students and to providing additional support for mathematics success for engineering problem-solving. Candidates with experience or expertise in first-year engineering education or in supporting mathematics success for engineering problem solving are strongly encouraged to apply.


One position mentions a possible January 2024 start date. We are still seeking one candidate under that call.


EP Position:


EP Math Support Position:


Other OU Gallogly College of Engineering open searches are listed here:


The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution.

For questions contact Susan Walden,