ASEE ERM Officers

Any ERM member is eligible to be a candidate for any of the elected or appointed positions.

The Executive Board consists of the Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice-Chair for ASEE Programs, Vice Chair for FIE Programs, Vice-Chair for Publications, 4 Directors, and 2 At-Large Directors. The Executive Board meets at the ASEE Conference and at the FIE Conference. Actions by the Executive Board are reported at the Annual Business Meeting of the Division, held at the ASEE Conference. Any major policy decisions are also presented there for consideration by the membership. Additional positions include the Immediate Past Chair, Nominating Committee Chair, Benjamin Dasher Award Committee Chair, Helen Plants Award Committee Chair, Apprentice Faculty Grant Committee Chair, and NETI Director.

Descriptions of positions and terms can be viewed in the bylaws. A full list of former officers is also available.

Current Officers
Chair (2021-2022): Allison Godwin
Purdue University
Immediate Past Chair (2019-2021): Sarah Zappe
Pennsylvania State University
Secretary/Treasurer (2020-2022): Alex Mejia
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Vice-Chair for Programs ASEE 2023: Catherine Berdanier
Pennsylvania State University

Benjamin Ahn
Iowa State University
Vice-Chair for Programs ASEE 2022: Stephanie Cutler
Pennsylvania State University
Vice Chair of Programs for FIE 2021: Geoffrey Herman
University of Illinois
Vice-Chair for Programs FIE 2022: Meagan Kendall
University of Texas El Paso
Vice-Chair for Programs FIE 2023: Tracy Hammond
Texas A&M
Vice Chair for Publications: Micah Lande
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Director: Cassandra McCall
Utah State University
Director: Jay Pembridge
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Director: Courtney Faber
Penn State University
Director: Adam Kirn
University of Nevada, Reno
Apprentice Faculty Grants Committee Co-Chairs: Jessica Swenson
University of Buffalo

Ana Rynearson
Campbell University

Nomination Committee Chair: Nathaniel Hunsu
University of Georgia
ERM Best Paper Award Committee Chair: Kristen Davis
Purdue University
Ben Dasher Award Committee: Jean Mohammadi-Aragh
Mississippi State University
Helen Plants Award Committee: Rebecca Reck
ERM Diversity Committee Chair: Walt Lee
Virginia Tech
NETI Directors: Susan Lord
University of San Diego

Michael Prince
Bucknell University

Matthew Ohland
Purdue University

FIE Steering Committee: P.K. Imbrie
University of Cincinnati

Homero Murzi
Virginia Tech

Rachel Kajfez
Ohio State University