Distinguished Lecturers

Established in 1980, the ERM Division has sponsored the Distinguished Lecturer Mini Plenary at the ASEE annual conference every year. The plenary brings to the conference thought provoking new ideas by notable speakers, usually from outside of the engineering education community.

Past ERM Distinguished Lecturers

Year Speaker Topic
2021 Kelly Cross, James Holly, Leroy Long, & Ebony McGee Continuing the Conversation: Working Towards Anti-racist Engineering Education
2020 Lisa Benson Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: How Our Publications Reflect the Engineering Education Community
2019 Alice Pawley “Come Get your People!” Breaking Silences about Equity in Engineering Education Research
2017 James Pellegrino The Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment: A Design-based Approach
2016 Donna Riley Mind the Gap – What the ABET Crisis Can Teach Us about Connecting Research and Practice
2015 Susan Elrod A Framework for Catalyzing Change in Engineering Education
2014 Peggy McIntosh A Bell Labs Daughter Speaks About Equity in Engineering Education
2013 Wendy Newstetter
2012 Charles Henderson The Challenges of Spreading and Sustaining Research-based Instruction in Undergraduate STEM
2012 John Heywood Engineering at the Crossroads: Implications for Educational Policy Makers
2011 David Williamson Shaffer Measuring Innovation with Epistemic Games
2010 David Jonassen Learning to Solve Engineering Problems
2009 James Stice Things I Have Learned, In Spite of Myself
2008 Lauren B. Resnick What Would It Take To Expand The Pipeline of Minority Students Coming Into Engineering?
2007 Keith Sawyer Creativity, Innovation and the New Sciences of Learning: Implications for Engineering Education
2006 Sheri Sheppard Taking Stock – A Look at Engineering Education at the End of the Twentieth Century and Beyond
2005 Jack Wilson Creating New Learning Environments for Engineering Education: How Educational Research Drives Change
2004 James Pellegrino How People Learn: Incorporating Theory and Research into Instructional Practice
2003 Elaine Seymour Establishing the Benefits of Research Experiences for Science Undergraduates: First Findings from a Pilot Study
2002 Sue Rosser Will Engineering Criteria 2000 Make Engineering More Female Friendly?
2001 John D. Bransford When the Learning Sciences Meet Classrooms and Technology: Implications from the National Academy of Science Report How People Learn
2000 Michelene T. H. Chi Three Ways in which Students Can Fail to Understand
1999 Richard M. Felder Schooling Versus Education and Other Balancing Acts
1998 Thomas Angelo Doing Assessment as though Learning Mattered Most
1997 David and Roger Johnson Getting Students More Active Involved and Successful Through Cooperative Learning Strategies
1996 Woodie C. Flowers Engineering: Commodity or Profession?
1995 Peter R. Seldin The Teaching Portfolio
1994 Sheila Tobias Neglected Minorities and the Neglected Majority: Expanding Engineering Education for the 21st Century
1993 Ernest L. Boyer Scholarship Reconsidered
1992 Alan H. Schoenfeld Learning to Think Mathematically (or in other disciplines, for that matter)
1991 K. Patricia Cross College Teaching: What Do We Know About It?
1990 Frederick Reif Engineering Human Knowledge and Thinking: Opportunities for Better Engineering Education
1989 William G. Perry, Jr. Students’ Evolution of their Definition of Knowledge and Their Expectations of Teachers
1988 Donald A. Schon Marrying Applied Science and Artistry in Engineering Education
1987 Benjamin S. Bloom A Search for Methods of Instruction as Effective as One-on-One Tutoring
1986 Moshe F. Rubinstein Rational and Imaginative Thinking in the Computer Age
1985 Fred F. Keller Testimony of an Educational Reformer
1983 Samuel N. Postlewait Using Science and Technology to Teach Science and Technology
1982 Wilbert J. McKeachie Student Anxiety, Learning and Achievement
1981 Robert F. Mager Academic Applications of Educational Methods Developed in Industry
1980 Burrhus F. Skinner The Future of Technology and Education

Related Retired ERM Lecturer Awards

Year Distinguished Lecturer Award Eminent Lectureship Award
1971 Lewis B. Mayhew
1970 Robert M. Gagne
1969 J.A. Perkins Harold E. Mitzel
1968 L. DuBridge
1967 R.W. Fleming
1966 R.W. Tyler