ERM Announcements, February 1, 2023

Dear ERM members,

My apologies for the lack of emails. I’ve been sending them out every two weeks but did not realize that they were not coming to you! The listserv privileges have been updated, and we should now be back to our regularly scheduled bi-monthly announcements.

As I brace for the arctic blast coming from the Midwest, I’m going to make a prediction that our rodent friend, Punxsutawney Phil, will spy his form cast on the ground tomorrow, and we’ll have six more weeks of winter. For those of you in warmer climes, please send some warmth to those of us who long for balmy weather. Don’t hold me to that prediction, but I hope I’ll be more accurate than Phil, who’s stats are being correct 39% of the time (that’s worse than the guess rate!).

On another more serious note, we still do not have access to our BASS account funds. In preparation for the ASEE 2023 Annual Conference & Exposition, we are going to continue to plan for our awards: Apprentice Faculty Grants (new call in these announcements), Best Paper, Best Diversity Paper, and Service Award, but the details of financial support and plaques for recognition are still being sorted. I want to provide as up-to-date transparency as I can. I don’t know much more at this time. We do plan on using our business meeting as a time for socialization and recognition in place of the Annual Community Celebration and Awards Reception (ACCAR). We will make it a time for us to connect and try to have some additional creative plans for connecting members outside of that scheduled time in the program. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas as we work through the current situation.

To sunnier days ahead (both literally and metaphorically)!

All my best,


ERM Announcements for 2/1/2023

General Announcements 

  1. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 2023 Apprentice Faculty Grant Program Accepting Applications until February 28
  2. CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Review Apprentice Faculty Grant Applications


Position Announcements 

  1. POSITION ANNOUCEMENT: Tenure-Track Faculty Instructor at Columbus State Community College
  2. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Tenure Track Faculty Position related to ERM/pedagogical research at Grand Valley State University

General Announcements


  1. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 2023 Apprentice Faculty Grant Program Accepting Applications until February 28

The Apprentice Faculty Grant (AFG) Program within the Educational Research and Methods (ERM) Division of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) encourages and honors promising emerging engineering education scholars who have the potential for substantial contributions to the community.

In conjunction with the 2023 ASEE Annual Conference, the AFG program will grant up to four awards to emerging engineering education scholars, which may include: senior graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, junior faculty, staff members, or senior ranking faculty who meet the criteria of an emerging engineering education scholar (refer to the website below for details). Each award will include: 1) connection with a mentor who is a senior scholar in the engineering education community at the ASEE conference, and 2) support for conference travel expenses. AFG recipients are expected to attend the full duration of the annual ASEE conference, including conference sessions in the ERM division, the ERM Business Meeting which will serve as the Annual Community Celebration and Awards Reception this year, and a meet-and-greet with the other AFG recipients and mentors. We also highly encourage AFG recipients to attend at least one workshop.

Please note that given ASEE’s financial issues, the exact level of financial support is still under consideration. And, ERM is currently unable to make awards because all ASEE Division accounts are frozen. ERM is still committed to providing support for conference travel expenses for AFG winners and will provide more details when they become available.

For more details, including how to apply, please refer to If you have any questions please contact Aaron Johnson

  1. CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: Review Apprentice Faculty Grant Applications

We are seeking volunteers to review applications for this year’s ERM Apprentice Faculty Grant (AFG) program. The commitment for this role involves reviewing 3 application packages, each of which will take approximately 30 minutes. You will be provided specific review criteria and your responses will be collected online. Past award winners and senior engineering education researchers are particularly encouraged to help. With thanks from your ERM AFG committee co-chairs, Aaron Johnson and Natascha Buswell. If you have any questions please contact Aaron

To sign up to be a reviewer, please complete this form by Feb. 28.


We are pleased to invite you to X-DBER 2023, a conference exploring themes in discipline-based education research across STEM disciplines. This virtual conference will take place April 3-5, hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

We wanted to provide advanced notification that abstracts (250 words max) for talk and poster presentations will be due Sun, Feb 12. More detailed programming information, including the abstract submission portal, will be available soon.

Position Announcements


  1. POSITION ANNOUCEMENT: Tenure-Track Faculty Instructor at Columbus State Community College


The Department of Physical and Biological Sciences at Columbus State Community College is seeking a full-time, tenure-track faculty member in engineering. This would be a teaching focused position and candidates would be expected to teach from Fundamentals of Engineering, Statics and Dynamics courses, 15 contact hours per semester. This is a union position and faculty have the opportunity to teach an overload each semester and over the summer if they wish.

Students at CSCC come from diverse backgrounds and experiences and are able to complete the first two years towards a Bachelor’s degree while earning their Associate’s degree. With an annual enrollment of 45,000 students, Columbus State Community College is the largest community college in Ohio and among the largest community colleges in the nation.

At Columbus State Community College, we pride ourselves in being Central Ohio’s front door to higher education and a leader in advancing our region’s prosperity. By joining our team, you will contribute to our mission to educate and inspire an entire community of learners. Together we can change lives and help our students achieve their goals. We are teachers, administrators, and staff members committed to a common goal: student success. We believe that fulfilling lives are grounded in self-awareness and continuous learning. We embrace bold ideas, lead by action and example, and recognize that more can be accomplished together than alone. We believe that a community college needs to look like the community. With that in mind, we are a proud reflection of the demographics of Central Ohio, and we leverage the College’s rich diversity to strengthen our community and increase regional prosperity.

For more information about the position, please visit our job ad here!

  1. POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT: Tenure Track Faculty Position related to ERM/pedagogical research at Grand Valley State University


The School of Engineering at Grand Valley State University is seeking to fill a tenure track position in interdisciplinary engineering (IE).  The position involves teaching engineering foundations courses common to all engineering majors.  Pedagogical research on topics like the first-year engineering experience, cornerstone design, retention, and so on would be a strong fit for this position.  The IE program at GVSU offers a very flexible BSE program with optional emphases in mechatronics, alternative energy, environmental engineering, or engineering management.  Additionally, IE oversees the engineering foundations courses, mandatory co-op, and senior project which are common to all engineering programs at GVSU.

Doctoral candidates who will defend their thesis by summer 2023 are encouraged to apply.

GVSU’s School of Engineering is on the downtown campus in Grand Rapids, MI.  Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan with a population of roughly 200,000.  GVSU is a division 2 school with an enrollment of roughly 24,000.  The School of Engineering has roughly 1200 students and 50 faculty and staff.

Apply now:

Email any questions to:

Dr. Ryan Krauss

Interdisciplinary Engineering Committee Chair

To send an announcement to the ERM listserv, please prepare a 2-3 paragraph description including any relevant URLs as well as a subject line. Be sure that the announcement includes the person to contact with questions. Submit all of this information to Allison Godwin via Announcements will be sent out on the 1st and 15th of each month. Submissions 48 hours before these dates will be guaranteed to be included in announcements. Each set of announcements will be included in the announcements email twice. Announcements will also be recorded on the ERM website:

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