ASEE 2023 Updates, Check-in, and Deadlines

Hello ERM Members—

I’m writing on behalf of myself and Benjamin Ahn, who are your 2023 ASEE Educational Research and Methods Division Program Chairs. We have the honor of handling the abstract and paper review and acceptance processes for the ASEE 2023 conference, and the challenge of navigating this new NEMO system and all its quirks along with all of you.

First of all, thank you for your patience as we all navigate this new paper management system, NEMO.  As many of you have identified, there are some bugs in the system, including some folks: not being able to log in, not being able to accept/decline review requests, and/or not being able to see their submitted abstracts in the system. It seems very hit-or-miss with regards to whom these issues are affecting. While a few of you have reported some of these instances resolving if you log out and then log in again, others have not been able to solve them at all.  ASEE IT is aware of these issues, and for all our sakes, I hope they can get the system sorted before the paper deadlines! You can still feel free to email technical issues the conferences support email ( or ASEE IT support with your concerns.

We are also happy to double check for you that your abstracts are in our system if you cannot see your submissions in the NEMO portal (email us at ermchairs2023@gmail.comand we will get back to you.)

Second, most of you are aware that the abstract deadline has been extended to November 30. At that time, Benjamin and I will assign reviewers for the abstracts.  We would appreciate your timely review of those abstracts so that decisions can be passed back to authors before we leave for holiday break at the end of a long Fall semester.

Third, there have been a couple of questions that have arisen about workshops, panels, and special sessions.  There are two ways to submit a workshop: You can submit to the ASEE Workshop portal in NEMO when it opens (currently the system says it will open January 2, with a current deadline January 30) OR you can submit a workshop, panel, or special session to ERM specifically by emailing your proposal to our ERM gmail by that same January 30 deadline.  At that point, the ERM leadership team will convene a small panel to evaluate and select those that will be affiliated with ERM.  Unlike past years, where ERM has financially sponsored some of the workshops,  given the tenuous ASEE financial situation, at this point the division is not able to commit financial resources to workshops. Applicants should be aware that if their workshop is selected to be tagged as an ERM-affiliated workshops, they should assume they will be responsible for the corresponding workshop fees this year.


Catherine and Benjamin

2023 ASEE ERM Program Chairs