ASEE 2022 ERM awards and recognition

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Distinguished Lecture Handout

Stephanie Masta ASEE_ERM_Dist_Lecturer_2022

Dr. Stephanie Masta, Purdue University

The Future is Brown & Black: Re-imagining our Relationship with Research

Wednesday, June 29, 2022 1:45 – 3:15 pm Room 211, Convention Center


ERM Annual Community Celebration & Awards Reception (ERM Social Event)

These awards were presented at the ERM Community Celebration and Awards Reception

Apprentice Faculty Grants awardees


Saira Anwar

Matthew Bahnson

Trevion Henderson


Dina Verdin




Best Paper and Best Diversity Paper

Best Paper in ERM

Joyce Main & Amanda Griffith

“The Impact of Math and Science Remedial Education on Engineering Major Choice, Degree Attainment, and Time to Degree”

 Photo credit: Alice Pawley


Best Diversity Paper in ERM

Robert Loweth, Shanna Daly, Leah Paborsky, Sara Hoffman, & Steve Skerlos

“Professional Merit in Engineering Career Advancement: Student Perspectives and Critiques”

Photo credit: Alice Pawley

ERM Service Award

Jay Pembridge, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Photo credit: Alice Pawley

Journal of Engineering Education awards

Wickenden Award

Stephen Secules (Florida International University), Chanel Beebe (Purdue University), Cassandra McCall (Utah State University), Joel Alejandro Mejia (University of Texas San Antonio), Adam S. Masters (Virginia Tech), Matilde L. Sanchez-Peña (University at Buffalo—SUNY), Martina Svyantek (Virginia Tech, now UVA)

“Positionality Practices and Dimensions of Impact on Equity Research: A Collaborative Inquiry and Call to the Community”
Journal of Engineering Education, January 2021

Photo credit: Alice Pawley

Wickenden Award Honorable Mention

David Reeping (University of Cincinnati) & David Knight (Virginia Tech)

“Information Asymmetries in Web‐based Information for Engineering Transfer Students”

Journal of Engineering Education, April 2021

Photo credit: Alice Pawley


Star Reviewers

Erin Carll (University of Washington)

Shannon Gilmartin (Stanford University)

Allison Godwin (Purdue University)

Joi-Lynn Mondisa (University of Michigan)

Madeline Polmear (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

ASEE Fellows

Emily L. Allen
California State University, Los Angeles

Rebecca A Bates
Minnesota State, Mankato

Holly M Matusovich
Virginia Tech

Heidi A. Diefes-Dux
University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Robin A.M Hensel
West Virginia University