ERM Volunteer Opportunities

ERM, like other ASEE Divisions, has many volunteer opportunities. These include officer positions, committee appointments, reviewers, etc. Elections for officers – chair, secretary/treasurer, and directors – are held each year prior to the ASEE conference. Those interested in an officer position should attend the ERM business meetings held at both the ASEE and FIE conferences. Appointments to serve on the nomination committee or any of the awards comittees (e.g. Ben Dasher or Helen Plants; Apprentice Faculty Grants and Best Paper) are made throughout the year. Respond to these calls made by the chair via email and at the business meetings.

Volunteering to help ERM does not mean having to hold an offiical title. Most ERM members volunteer mainly through the FIE conference in the Fall and the ASEE conference in Spring/Summer. Reviewers and session chairs are always needed for both conferences. All ERM members are added to the ERM listserv, which posts opportunities to review and chair.

To volunteer as an FIE session chair, please log into your EDAS account at, go to My TPCs, click on the gavel icon in the “Volunteer as a Session Chair” column, and select the session(s) that you would be willing to chair. Session chairs play an important role in ensuring the conference runs smoothly and that the technical presentations are a valuable experience for both speakers and attendees. The primary responsibilities of session chairs are to:

  • Read your session’s papers in advance, so you can help the Ben Dasher Best Paper committee review the papers in your session.
  • Contact the authors in the session to make sure you know which authors will be presenting and how to pronounce their names.
  • Introduce the session and make any FIE announcements that are needed.
  • Briefly introduce each speaker and paper.
  • Manage time during the session, holding each presentation to its time limit.
  • Similar opportunities will be posted throughout the year to volunteer to review abstracts and papers; and chair sessions for the ASEE Annual Conference. Be sure to check your email for these announcements.