American Society for Engineering Education
Educational Research and Methods Division


The Educational Research and Methods Division (ERM) has been working for more than 40 years to improve the quality of instruction in all branches and levels of engineering education. The primary objectives of the ERM division are:

  • dissemination of knowledge on learning and teaching
  • encouragement of efforts to improve instruction through development of innovative materials and techniques, sound instructional design, and improved evaluation methodology
  • enhancement of the status of teaching in the university

In order to accomplish these objectives, a strategic plan was adopted in June 2014.

Some accomplishments of the ERM Division are sponsorship of an active program annually at the ASEE Annual Conference, regional effective teaching institutes in most ASEE Sections, co-sponsorship of the annual Frontiers in Education Conference (FIE), and support of the National Effective Teaching Institute (NETI) designed for engineering and tehcnology educators (now offering NETI-1B and NETI-2).

The ERM Division is committed to various aspects of the teaching and learning process, including:

  • research on learning
  • research on methods of instruction
  • dissemination of knowledge on teaching and learning
  • development of procedures and materials for instruction
  • improving evaluation of instruction
  • rewarding, recognizing, and encouraging teaching excellence and scholarship